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We’ve both spent years working in the healthcare field. Chris serves as a registered nurse and nurse manager and Katie works for a pharmaceutical company. Around 2020, like many healthcare workers, we felt burned out and began looking for a different life path to pursue. After long, stressful days at work, Chris started coming home each night with new ideas for how we could change our lives. When we began talking about how hard it was to get the kind of ranch we preferred in a bottle, it felt like we were onto something big. 

To launch Sideove, we’ve jumped into the waters of the culinary industry, learning everything we can about food manufacturing methods and best practices. We’ve spent hours researching the best ingredients, processing methods, and ways to keep flavors fresh in a shelf-stable product, so every customer can experience the full spectrum of flavors in our dressings.

Sideove_Pour_Veggie Tray 1.jpg

I’ll have a Sideove…

With a Master’s in Business Administration, Chris had always dreamed about owning his own business. And when we started talking about dressings, inspiration struck.

Why couldn’t bottled ranch taste like restaurant quality?

Growing up, we both loved ordering a side of ranch dressing at local restaurants. In Chris’s words: “Some of our favorite restaurants had the best ranch. To be honest, it was more likely that the restaurants with the best ranch were some of our favorites.”

Even as a kid, he couldn’t understand how some people couldn’t tell the difference between the fantastic ranch dressing at a restaurant and ranch dressing sold in stores. He even used to order extra ranch on the side to have some to take home for other meals during the week.

As adults, we still love ranch dressing. When we don’t feel like going out, we often order pizza from our favorite local spots – with freshly made ranch on the side, of course.

Guiding Principles

As lifelong fans of high-quality dressings, we wanted Sideove to launch with a ranch dressing that blows the competition out of the water. 


  • Taste like restaurant-quality

  • Use a real buttermilk base

  • Have the perfect not-too-thick, not-too-thin texture

  • Be shelf stable but retain a bright, fresh taste

  • Ditch artificial preservatives and additives

  • Use cold processing to preserve flavor

Sideove_dippers_pizza 1.jpg

At Sideove, we believe that obsessing over the little details adds up to a big difference in quality. That’s why we focus on fresh ingredients and alternative methods of processing that don’t rely on artificial preservatives – because we can taste the difference, and we know you will, too.


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